The Network’s Theory of Change outlines the theory by which the Network can support a positive impact with the ECD sector. It provides the basis for the core questions and assumptions that the Network is testing. As the Network learns, it adds and adjusts detail to the mechanisms that describe how the Network’s strategy contributes to its desired outcomes. The Network’s Theory of Change also serves as a benchmark for informing priorities. Priority is given to activities that directly support learning about how they connect to the Network’s outcomes and impact.

Theory of Change Statement and Infographic

As a catalyst for linking, aligning and leveraging efforts in the ECD system the First 2000 Days Network builds capacity at the individual, organizational, community and systems levels. These efforts are guided by common quality standards for improved outcomes for children and families and an adaptive learning culture. This approach supports and is supported by stronger relationships, behaviour change and collective action at all levels which ultimately contributes to systems change and improved outcomes for children and families.

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Context Overview Strategy and Principles