Children from conception to six are supported by family and community in order to reach their optimal development in the following five areas:

  • Physical health & well-being;

  • Emotional maturity;

  • Social competence;

  • Language & thinking skills; and

  • Communication skills & general knowledge.


To enable unique contributions from a diverse group of individuals and organizations to achieve the vision of the First 2000 Days Network by acting as a catalyst for learning, connecting, and collaborative action.

The First 2000 Days Network is a collective impact initiative. This means we represent:

  • A new way of thinking of about working together and sharing resources, discoveries, and opportunities.

  • A community-based voice to influence leaders, policies and decision makers to consider the importance of the early years.

Why the First 2000 Days?

During the first 2000 days of a child’s development, namely from conception to kindergarten, more brain development occurs than at any other time in life.

Attention to supporting optimal development during this time in a child’s life has been shown to result in children experiencing better outcomes later in life (school, health, relationships, society, communication).

Therefore, investment in the early years has the best return on investment of any time in life.