Network Structure & Team

Using collective impact language, the First 2000 Days Network has a “backbone” structure which provides:

  • Strategic direction to the Network,

  • Coordinates organizations undertaking activities aligned with the Network’s strategy,

  • Works with the community to develop shared outcome measurements and report on results,

  • Raises awareness about Early Childhood Development,

  • Advances policy changes, and

  • Helps identify funding to support strategy implementation.

The Network’s Backbone facilitates, coordinates, and guides unique contributions from individuals, coalitions and organizations, and acts as a catalyst for learning, connecting, and collaborative action with the ultimate goal of supporting children to reach their optimal development.  

Participation in the Backbone is open and welcome, based on the participant’s willingness to commit to the Network’s Guiding Principles and ability to contribute energy, resources, ideas, and time to this function on behalf of the entire Network. 

We encourage anyone who interested in joining the Backbone team to email us. We are always looking for ways to connect, align and leverage best practices in early childhood development. 

Current members :

  • If you would like more information on the current Backbone Team Members and how to participate please email