Key Strategies

The Network has identified four strategies that it will focus on to influence social change within the ECD system through its Collective Impact process.  These include:

  1. Behaviour Change: Build relationships and trust among network participants by convening participants on a regular basis in meaningful ways.
  2. Collective Action: Provide a framework through which network participants can start to understand their work in a common way and to have a larger view of what is happening across the city so that intentional alignment can be supported.
  3. Systems Change: Increase understanding and collaboration with provincial-level activities related to ECD in order to inform local action.
  4. Adaptive Learning: Continuously learn what is working and what can be improved so that the best practice emerging from the field can be leveraged. 

Guiding Principles

Trusting: a focus on building trusting relationships

Collaborative: shared responsibilties amongst the group to lead and contribute

Particpatory: many voices heard and opportunties to engage

Authentic: planning, process, and implementation are in-line with vision and purpose

Transparent: access to information is shared, decision-making processes are known, status of actions visible

Adaptive: revisions are encouraged based on learning, changes in the environment and people involved

Innovative: demonstration of leadership, perseverance, and courage to push against conventional barriers to achieving progress

Strategic Development Plan

Check out our First 2000 Days Network Strategic Development Plan.


Model the behaviours you want to create in others.