The Issue

The latest EDI (Early Development Instrument) data released by the Government of Alberta (April 2014) indicates that only 46.4% of Alberta’s kindergarten-aged children are developing appropriately in all five areas of development; and a higher percentage of young children in Alberta are experiencing developmental difficulties as compared to the Canadian norm.  


The Urgency

Never before have we had such a clear picture of how the youngest members of our society are faring. Investing in early childhood development is an act of prevention:  prevention of investing in additional supports in schools, prevention of drop-out rates, prevention of future crime rates.  


A Response

One response to this landscape and to the current EDI results is the creation of the First 2000 Days Network. The Network is focused on improving integration between existing and potential future interventions in the ECD system. The Network does not have ECD programs of its own; it is not a funder. The Network is a collective response to improving outcomes for children, by focusing on how we work together in order to improve systems-level change.