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Families Matter: Positive Discipline for Everyday Parenting

Parents will learn how to think through 4 steps that will help them resolve conflict in a way that teaches, rather than punishes, their children. This problem-solving skill can be applied in any situation, not just the challenging ones.

 The challenge of parenting is enormous – to take the hand of a brand-new human being and guide her toward adulthood, teaching her all she needs to know to have a happy, successful life. There are times in all parents’ lives when it seems overwhelming and we may lose control of our emotions, or feel helpless, or resort to shouting.

 There is another way. “Discipline” actually means “teaching.” Teaching is based on setting goals and finding solutions to challenges. “Positive discipline” is non-violent and respects the child as a learner. It is an approach to teaching that helps children succeed, gives them information, and supports their growth.

 Materials will be provided.

Join facilitators Nicole and Suzanne for our spring offering of Positive Discipline. Where: Families Matter 52nd St. Hub When: Wednesdays, March 8th—April 26th When: 9:45—11:45 Cost: $50.00 (subsidies are available, phone to enquire) Limited complimentary childcare is available. Registration is required.