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Emotion Regulation in Children the Parental Role


Emotion Regulation in Children the Parental Role * Session also available via Webinar

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

South Health Campus - Wellness Centre Room 180006

Parents are instrumental in teaching their children how to identify and subsequently manage their emotional experiences. This role becomes more challenging if your child/ren tend to have heightened, intense emotions on a regular basis. This presentation will assist parents in developing techniques that will allow them to effectively manage their own emotional responses when tending to their child/ren�s reactions, and teach them strategies to help their children when they are experiencing these emotions. 

In this presentation you will learn: 
- about vulnerability factors and their impact on emotions
- the importance of validation and how to use it
- how thoughts contribute to experiencing prolonged emotions
- mindfulness skills to help quiet their mind and reduce emotional intensity/duration
- effective communicate strategies

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