Thank you to all of you who helped build awareness about the importance of early childhood development amongst the public and political candidates during the recent provincial election in Alberta. We have created an Archive folder full of the resources we used for outreach and communications during the campaign period. You are encouraged to build upon our efforts in any way you like.

The votes have been tallied and the winners confirmed. We look forward to building a relationship with members of Alberta’s new government plus members of caucus in Calgary and Area, many of whom will be hearing about the First 2000 Days Network for the first time.

Congratulations to all those who put their names forward during this election. To those men and women who were successful in their campaigns, we are excited to work with you to share, link, align and leverage our efforts to give every child in Alberta the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.

We will continue in our public awareness and advocacy efforts to establish an integrated approach to Early Childhood Development in Alberta. To learn more about our recommendations, download the Executive Summary or the full Position Paper on this subject.

Sources used for Q-Cards facts can be found here.

Download and use an ‘I’m voting for kids’ profile picture for social media to help raise awareness. Choose from: (right click and save for jpg version for social media)

Economy Profile Mental Health Profile Poverty Profile School Readiness Profile

For a summary of party policies regarding ECD “Analysis of Party Platforms re: ECD”

See here for the First 2000 Days Network rebuttal to Don Braid’s Editorial “Investing in Children”

To reach out to your current elected officials or candidates personally, you may want to start with this template letter.

Not sure what riding you’re in? The boundaries for a lot of ridings will change for the 2019 election. See the new Electoral Boundaries for Calgary here.

I’m Voting for Kids Image: